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Patented Technology

"No More Invisible Pathogens!"

E.Coli gets cleaned and sanitized by scrubmaster new triple patented formula picture of pseudomonas bacteria that scrub master chlothing for hospitals can defeat and eliminate MRSA hospital acquired infections are eliminated wearing scrubmaster patented clothing
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Scrub Master

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MAKE SURE YOUR ORDER DETAILS ARE CORRECT: Scrub Master LLC patented chlothing line for healthcare professionals are custom orders and made specially to fit you. It is your responsibility to make sure your order is ordered correctly. Custom orders are generally not refundable once tendered. Damage or defective product can be exchanged, however, damage or defective products must be reported within 24-hours by contacting, and typing Defective Product in the subject heading with your order number. Damaged Shipments are the responsiblity of the delivery carrier services and Scrub Master LLC is not responsible for any damage relating to shipping and the delivery carriers. Scrub Master LLC provides high-quality fashionable clothing with beautiful color arrangements and designs, these colors may differ from the actual colors seen on pictured models. For exact colors, you can request a color swatch be sent to your address. *Pat. Pen. US 16/940,282 failed USPO review and all other applications are viable and current. Thanks For Shopping With Us.