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Patented Technology

"No More Invisible Pathogens!"

E.Coli gets cleaned and sanitized by scrubmaster new triple patented formula picture of pseudomonas bacteria that scrub master chlothing for hospitals can defeat and eliminate MRSA hospital acquired infections are eliminated wearing scrubmaster patented clothing



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  • SCRUBS WITH A PURPOSE - Now You Can Store And Isolate Your Commonly Used Medical Tools At Work With Our Strategic Custom Pocket Designs.
  • THE BEST PPE PROTECTION - Protect Your PPEs By Not Storing Them In Unsafe Infected Locations Know To Transfer Deadly Pathogens To Others.
  • POCKETS DESIGNED TO WORK - No More Hassles With Accessing Your Tools On The Job. We Awake Access Easy, Safe, And Quick For You.
  • CUSTOM DESIGNS - Our Pockets Are Designed To Fit Your Tools With High Accuracy And Precision. Protecting Your Tools Is Our Business.
  • QUALITY YOU CAN TRUST - Scrub Master Is 100% Proudly Made In The USA.